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Our success is built on our people. Their commitment, talent, and knowledge are critical to our success, and our Company excellence depends on our efforts to keep those at the Asanko Gold Mine safe, healthy, and secure.

2022 Highlights:

  • Exemplary TRIFR 0.15 and LTIFR 0.00 performance
  • Zero significant environmental incidents.
  • Maintained International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC) Certification.
  • Completion of the annual refresher training of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights to all private and public security personnel by a certified Government of Ghana representative.
  • Over US$135M in local procurement spend that supported 203 local Ghanaian businesses.
  • Initiated the construction of locally selected community infrastructure projects across the catchment communities.
  • Completion of the Esaase Regional Hospital in early 2023.

Prioritizing Health & Safety

A safe and healthy workforce is fundamental to Galiano’s vision, mission, and values and is essential to our commitment to our people, our communities and to the successful operation of our business. Our top priority is providing our workforce with a safe and healthy work environment free of accidents, injuries, or occupational illnesses. We target a zero-accident policy to protect the safety and security of our employees by creating a safe and healthy work environment free of accidents, injuries, or occupational illnesses.

The Galiano Occupational Health and Safety Policy details how we promote the health, safety, and well-being of our workforce and how this extend into local communities. It also outlines our performance commitments, which are embedded in site level operating procedures, are included in all safety induction and refresher training, and are communicated to all personnel and visitors to the site on notice boards.

2022 Highlights:

Our 2022 TRIFR performance was exemplary, with very few injuries and incidents overall and no lost time injuries throughout the year. We reduced both our LTIFR by 10% and TRIFR by over 28% compared to 2021.

0.15 TRIFR and 0.00 LTIFR

Key Levers

  • A strict application of our Zero Harm Initiative
  • Combating growth rates in malarial infections as part of a regional and national trend
  • Maintain low COVID-19 rates on-site
  • Delivered emergency preparedness training for local communities
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Human Rights

The Galiano Human Rights Policy demonstrates our commitment to respect human rights as established within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

The Policy’s guidance and specific topic commitments are also integrated into related corporate and site-level policies including the Sustainability, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Policy, and Harassment Prevention policies.

We are committed to addressing any impacts that occur, preventing or mitigating adverse human rights impacts that are directly linked to our operations, and providing and promoting accessible internal and external mechanisms for stakeholders to express concerns and seek out remedy for human rights issues.

In 2021, Galiano a comprehensive impact assessment, involving external specialists, site visits, and engagement with stakeholders. The 2022 findings validated and prioritized risks, integrating likelihood and severity. Recommendations and an action plan were provided for ongoing risk management and alignment with evolving best practices.

Key levers:

  • Avoid causing or contributing to negative human rights impacts and take action if they arise.
  • Prevent or reduce direct human rights impacts linked to our operations.
  • Establish accessible channels for stakeholders to voice concerns and seek redress.
  • Promote the Human Rights Policy across all company levels.
  • Emphasize human rights training, including for security personnel using Voluntary Principles of Security and Human Rights.
  • Secure ongoing human rights management and continue alignment.
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Embedding Diversity and Equal Opportunity

At Galiano, we hold a strong belief that fostering an inclusive and skilled diverse workplace is pivotal to achieving our market outperformance and driving business growth. We foster genuine representation and inclusion, forging a welcoming work environment that empowers individuals to reach their potential. The AGM recruitment strategy emphasizes and maximizes localisation for acquiring local skills either through direct employment or contracting opportunities which has a multiplier of positive socio-economic impacts on the local catchment communities. Such strong community involvement in our business activities enables local diverse viewpoints and experiences to be heard and subsequently represented in our decision-making processes.

Support for diversity is embedded in specific provisions within our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, Diversity Policy, Harassment Policy, and Human Rights Policy. Our Supplier Code also articulates essential aspects of the way we work, including the respect of and equal opportunity for our workforce and the avoidance of discrimination and harassment.

We actively endorse the Asanko Women in Mining, a chapter of Women in Mining, Ghana, dedicated to advancing women in mining and fostering gender diversity at the AGM. Moreover, we also support the Botae Pa Initiative, which empowers and educates women in local communities.

45% local community employees 99.8% Ghanaian employees 10.3% female employees

Key Levers:

  • Prioritize local employment and contracting opportunities for community engagement and benefits.
  • Inclusive and skilled diverse workplace for market outperformance and growth.
  • Genuine representation and empowerment in a skilled diverse environment.
  • AGM recruitment emphasizes local skills and community involvement.
  • Value diverse viewpoints, enhancing collective strength.
  • Diversity support embedded in policies, the AGM Supplier Code, and other relevant guidelines.
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Training and Development

Our achievements hinge on the competence, dedication, and devotion of our employees and contractors. Lifelong learning stands at the core of our personnel growth. Thus, our prime focus is to draw, hire, keep, and inspire our team through training, career growth prospects, and competitive pay. Galiano prioritizes on-the-job performance and development, aided by an ongoing performance management process that promotes real-time feedback.

Our aim is to equip all staff with apt capabilities, enabling meaningful contributions to our goals while reaching their fullest potential.

In 2022, a total of 16,505 hours of training program content was delivered to our Ghanaian employees and contractors.

Key Levers:

  • Lifelong learning core to personnel growth.
  • Focus on recruitment, retention, and motivation through training, careers, and compensation.
  • Emphasis on on-the-job performance, aided by continuous feedback.
  • Equip staff for meaningful contributions and maximum potential.
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Galiano's ethical standards are laid out in the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, alongside the AGM Supplier Code that suppliers must adhere to. These encompass various aspects such as labor standards, health and safety, human rights, anti-corruption, and more, ensuring responsible business practices.

We prioritize doing business with suppliers who share our commitment to responsible citizenship and values. Emphasizing local procurement contributes to socio-economic growth within the catchment communities.

The AGM has an extensive network of local and international suppliers, supporting our mining operations, facilities, and product manufacturing.

In 2022, AGM partnered with 259 suppliers, with 87% sourced locally, showcasing our dedication to local value. AGM's procurement expenses in 2022 were approximately $159.4 million, with $138.6 million allocated for local goods and services.

Key levers:

  • Uphold ethical standards through Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and the AGM Supplier Code for responsible supplier practices.
  • Collaborate with suppliers that share our responsible citizenship values.
  • Emphasize local procurement for socio-economic community benefits.
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